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Dr Abdollah Jassbi

" Dr Abdollah Jassbi"


Ph.D., Management Of Production & Technology

The University Of Aston In Birmingham

 England , 1980


a.jassbi AT

Tel: +98-21-73225012

Education and qualifications

University Degrees

1.B.Sc.In Industrial Engineering ,Tehran University Of Science & Technology ,1968
2.M.Sc. In Industrial Management, The University Of Aston In Birmingham , England ,1976.
3.Ph.D. In .Ph.D., Management Of Production & Technology, The University Of Aston In Birmingham , England , 1980

The Official Posts

1. Advisor  To  The  Minister  Of  Interior 1980-81.
2. Deputy  Prime  Minister, 1980-1981.
3. Deputy  Prime  Minister  And  Secretary  General  For  The  State  Organization Of
Administration & Employment Affairs,1981 -1983.
 4. Deputy  Prime Minister For  Revitalizing  Human  Resources  In  Public  Institutions And  Ministries. Feb I 983-Sept,1983.
5. President  Of  Islamic  Azad  University (IAU) 1982-2012.
6. Head  Of   Managing Commission For  Cultural Revolution Headquarters,1980-1983.
7. Member Of  The Supreme Council Of Cultural Revolution (Appointed By The Late Leader Of  I.R. Iran), 1988-Present.
8. Secretary Of  The  Supreme Council  Of  Cultural Revolution, 1989-2013.
9.Member Of  The   Joint Commission And  The  Assistance  Commission  Of  The Supreme Council  Of  Cultural  Revolution,1989-2013.
10. Member  Of   IAU  Founding  Council,1982-Present.
11. Member And Chief Of  IAU*  Executive   Board,1992-Present.
12.Member Of  IAU Board Of  Trustees , 1982-2012.
13. Member   Of  The  Audit  Board  At  The  University Of Science And Technology,1992-1994.
14. Chairman Of The Commission For Planning In  Non-Governmental Education & Research  Sector  Of  The Second "5" Years Social & Economic Development Program.1992-1995.
15. Managing  Editor  Of  IAU  Newsletter ,1990-2012.
16. Managing  Editor Of  The  IAU  Economic  And  Management  Journal, 1989-2012.
17. Patent-Holder  Of  Afarinesh  Journal    News Paper  1991-Present.
18. Member  Of  The  Supreme  Council  Of  Planning,  The  Ministry  Of  Science, Research And Technology,1992-2004.
19.Member Of The Council Of  Expansion,  Ministry Of Science, Research And Technology, 1993,2007.
20. Honorary  Member  Of  Industrial  Managers  Association I 993-Present.
21.Member Of  The Editorial Board, The International Journal Of  The University Of Science  And  Technology. 1993-1997.
22. Member  Of  The  Youth  Supreme  Council, 1993-2011.
23. Faculty  Member;  The  University  Of  Science & Technology, 1993-Present.
24. Member  Of  The  Committee  Of  Prayers  In  Universities, 1994-2012.
25. Member  Of  The  FUIW  Executive  Council, Feb 1998-2012.
26.The  Chairman Of  The  FUIW  Executive  Council, 2001-2010.
27.Administrative  Board Member, The International Association Of  Universities (IAU) Aug 2001-2009.
28.Member Of  The  Central  Head  Quarter  Of  Prayers  In Universities ,1994-2002.


1. The  ABC's  Of  Management, 1994,Tehran I.A.U Press.
2. The Economic Systems. Nov. 1985. Tehran. Second  Edition. Islamic Revolution   Publications And Training  Organization.
3. The Methodology Of Teaching And Technology Of  Class Management (29 Pages). 1980. Tehran Parvareshi Press, Ministry Of  Education (MOE).
4. The Constitutional Revolution.1980. Islamic Republic Party Press.
5. The ABC's Of  Management; Revised Edition Tehran I.A.U - Press, 13th   Edition.
6. Vietnam; The Period Of Resistance, Victory And Reconstruction.
7. Some Principles Of Islamic Management (Volume I).
8. Some Principles  Of   Islamic  Management(Volume II).
9. Pervasive Inclusive Organization (Volume I).
10. Pervasive Inclusive Organization (Volume II).
11. Pervasive  Inclusive Organization (Volume III) .
12. Osoul Al Edarah A'am (Arabic) (I.E. The Principles Of Public Management).
13. Dialogue; A Collection Of Articles.
14. The Illumination Of  Martyrdom.
15. Az  Ghobar Ta  Baran (I.E. From Dust To Rain).
16. Collection Of The  Articles  And Papers.
17. Palestine; Up's  And  Down's  Of  History.

The Scientific & Research Papers

The Scientific & Research Papers (In Persian)

1. Consultation In Islam, The Scientific & Research Quarterly Journal, The Faculty Of Education ,Tehran University. In Two Volumes. 1988 .
2. The Role Of Training And Research In Revitalizing The Human Resources In  War-Stricken Regions. The Second Seminar Held In Shiraz University .On The  Role  Of  The Research During The Reconstruction. The  First Vol, Of  The Social Sciences & Humanities  Papers. Feb. 1989, Shiraz University Press (Pages 109-125).
3. The Management & Organization Of  Institutes  Institutions. R & D Seminar, June1989. Abstracts. Iran Scientific & Industrial Research Org. Press. Qnge,77).
4. A Critique On Marxism And Bureaucracy. The  Economic And  Management   Journal, No.2. Islamic Azad University Press, Spring, 1990, (Pages 3l-37).
5. The Supervision And  Control Management: The Islamic Outlook. The  Economic  And Management Journal. No.4. Islamic Azad University, Press Spring, 1990, (Pages3l-37).
6. A Critique On The General Systems Theory. The Economic & Management  Journal. No.4. Islamic Azad University Press. Spring, 1990 (Pages 31-37).
7.The Values In Islamic Government And Organizations. Economic And Management Journal. No.5. Islamic Azad University Press. Summer, 1990  (Pages 49-58).
8.The Significance Of Management: The Islamic Outlook The Economic And Management Journal. No.6. Islamic Azad University Press. Fall, 1990, (Pages 7-22).
9. The Human Beings: The Islamic Outlook, The Economic And Management Journal. No.7. Islamic Azad University  Press. Winter, 1991, (Pages 17-22).
10. Productivity And Culture. No. 11 And 12. Fall & Winter, 1991, (Pages 5-13).
11. The Supervision & Control Over The Organizations: The Islamic Outlook. The 4th Interactional Seminar On Islamic Management Sponsored By The Public Management Training Center, Tehran. Aug. 1992, (Translated Into Arabic And  English languages).
12. Public  Management & Sustainable Development: The 15th  European   Conference In The  Public  Affairs & Sustainable Development. The State Organization For Administration & Employment (Soae), Tehran , Nov. 1-7,  1993, (Translated Into English language).
13. The Strategy Of  Technology Transferring In Iran : The International Journal  Of  The University Of  Science & Technology   (Research Paper).
14. The Analysis And Appraisal Of Automotive Industry In Iran : The Science And    Technology Research Journal, No. 25.
15. The Presentation & Application Of A Model For Analyzing And Forecasting  Input-Output  Elements. The  Economic & Management  Journal, No. 18.
16. The Roots Of  Economic Recession & Empowerment Among The Islamic  Societies. The Conference  On The  Culture & Civilization,Jan. 1994, Tehran, I.R. Of  Iran.
17. Management And  Development. The  Management &  Development  Seminar,
Oct. 1993, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan Branch.
18. The Method And Theories Of The Leadership, Quantitative Management & Development In The Scope Of Duties, The Complication Of Organizations And Communication Networks  Methods  And  The  Methods Of Decision Making:  Introduction To The  Islamic  Management, The 7th  & 8th  Nahjolbalagheh  Congress.1992, Tehran.
19. University And  Industry  Interaction:  An  Outset  For  The   Stable   Development: San-At   Industry   Journal, March 1994.
20. Interest And It's  Problems: The  Heavy  Industries  Journal, March And Apr. 1994.
21. The Cooperative Economics. Taavon (Cooperative) Journal, No. 32, May 1994.
22. The Science  Production  Movement,  Tehran,2005.
23. Software  Movement.  First  International  Congress  On  Science Production Movement.
24. The  Role  Of  University  Research  In  Internationalization Of  Universities . The Center  For  Strategic  Studies  Feb.2002.
25. The  Role  Of  University  In  The  Process Of  Sustainable  Development. The Center For  Strategic  Studies  Jun. 2002.
26. Globalization  And  The  National  System Of  Universities, 2003.
27. Globalization,  University  And  Education,  Feb 2002.
28. The  Scope Of   Intra- Trade  Expansion Within  The  Islamic  Countries  Through Regional  Economic  Cooperation: A Study Based On Application Of Gravity model. The  Centre  For  Strategic  Studies,  Sep. 2003.
29. Drawing  Popular  Participation  In  Managing  State  Affairs  As  Well  As  A  Plan  For  The  Establishment  Of  20,000   Non-For-Profit  Schools. The  Seminar   On  "A Study   Of  The  Way  And  Need  For  Drawing  Public  Participation In Executive Affairs", Apr. 1991, State  Administrative  And  Employment   Affairs    Organization , Laleh  Hotel, Tehran (9 Pages).
30. Academic Freedom And Civilized Society :  In   Higher Education Policy Journal
31 .Research And Higher Education Policy :Research Management Issues In The Developing Countries
32. I Cherish Plato But I Prize Reality More Than Him ,  In  International Conference On Aristotle A Bridge Between East And West – Panteion University  Athens Greece  28 April 2004
33. What Universities  Can Hand Over To The Next Generation  In Order To Safeguard  Human Values . In Mykotar Romeries University  Vilnius , Lithuania , June  2010.
34. Globalization And Ethical Issues -2002.
35. Globalization In Islamic World And Universities Network.
36. The Challenges Facing Higher Education .
37. The Role And Impact Of Islamic Azad University On Iran's  Development.
38. Reasons Behind The Success Of Islamic Azad University :Primary Reasons / Outside Factors .
39.  What Universities Can Hand Over To Next Generatio In Order To Safeguard Human Values .
 40. Islamic Azad University And The Future .
 41. Future Is Meaningful To IAU From Several Aspects Which Can Be Summarized As   The Following As Far As The Managerial Approach Of IAU Is concern .
 42.  The Champion Of The Massification Of Higher Education ."Dr Abdollahi Jassbi". By: Prof ,S.Nejati.
 43. The Failure Of The Oil National Movement . Extracted From : Tashakol Faragir 

 The Scientific & Research Papers(In English)

1 . The Issue Of   Poverty  In  Islam , The   Economic  Studies Journal,  Vol. 28, No. L, Pages  2-24,1989,  India.
2. The Productivity Forecasting And Planning, The Iranian Journal Of Science & Technology.
3. The Issue  Of   Wealth  In Islam,  The  Economic   Magazine  Of   Aligreh   University, India 1991.
4. The   Organizational  Control  In  Islam. The  Fourth   International   Seminar  Sponsored By  The  Management  Training  Center.  August 1992, Tehran, Iran.
5. The  Role  Of   The   Educational  Management   And   The  Skillful   Manpower  In Islamic  Azad  University.
6. Public  Administration   And   Sustainable   Development,  The  15th   General Assembly/ The Conference On The Public Administration And The Sustainable Development.
7. Quality  Measures In  Iran's  Education. The 21th / National  Quality Control Congress. Mexico, October 6-20, 1993. The  State  Organization For Administration And Employment   Affairs. L-8 Nov. 1993.
8. The  Inter - Cultural  Dialogue; The  International  Seminar   On   Inter  Cultural Dialogue  And  The  Universities  Role,  January 2004, Tehran-Iran.
9. Higher  Education  In  The Islamic  World: Challenges And The Outlook: The Symposium  On  The  Higher  Education  In  The  Islamic  World  (The General Conference Of  Federation Of  The    Universities of  The  Islamic World "FUIW"). March 2004, Sharjah, U.A.E ,.
10. Delivering An Address On The Internationalization Of  Higher Education With Reference To The  Islamic World (The  General  Conference Of  FUIW) . March 2004, Sharjah UAE.
11. Delivering  An  Address  On  Education  In  The  Islamic World (The General Conference  Of   FUIW). Sep 2002,  Sharjah  U.A.E.
12. Recognition Of Modern Paradigms Of Global  Development Of Science And  Technology  And  Applying  It's  Considerations  On  The Software Movement Orientations.  Presented  In   Strasburg  Conference,  France, Nov. 2005.
13. Delivering  An  Address   On   The   New   Ways  Of   Education  At   Reforms, Kuwait, 2005, The  10th  Session  Of   FUIW.

The Translations

1. The  Group  Impression  And  Guidance.   (The Chapter 9 Of The Organization  Behavior. Babit Brain Halt & Dr. Vomecnal). The Islamic Azad University (IAU) Press, Jan. 1987.
2. Management  And  Managing  Government  Affairs.  Written  By  Mohammad  Abdullah  Al Tedris  ( Translated in Persian).
3. Leadership  And  Change In Group. (The Chapter 12 Of The Organizational Behavior. Babit  Brain Halt & Dr. Vomecnal). Jan. 1987-IAU Press.
4. The  Human  Resources And  The  Optimum Productivity In Islamic Cultures. By Dr. Ameneh  Vedad Mohsen. A Collection Of   Productivity  Articles, Kuala Lumpur. And The Book "Productivity".
5. The  Systems  Definition. By  Hall Vofaken.  The  Economic & Management Journal, No. 3. Automn 1989. IAU Press (Pages 63 - 85).
6. Re-Emergence  Of  Islamic  Norms & Values,  By  Diatonic  Abdol-Al-Rashid  Majid. The  Economic & Management  Journal No.13, Summer 1992, (Pages 5-22) & The Productivity  Book  No.3, The  Center  For  Translation Of  The  Management  Texts, IAU Press .
7. The  Public  Administration  Affaire  And  Management, Written by Mohammad Amullah Al-Bouraei .

The Scientific Lectures

1. The  Insurance  Institutions:  Private Or  Public. The  Seminar  On "Insurance  In  Iranian Economy'', Iran  Insurance  College  Press.
2. Al-Meezan & Systematic   Method  In  Study  Of  Holly    Koran.  Allameh-Tabatabaie 6th Commemoration  Ceremony.  First  Edition. Automn 1990. Navid Press, (Pages 20-32).
3. The  Pioneers  Of  Cultural Stage: The Educational Seminar On The Honor Of The Martyr  Motahari  On The  Occasion Of  Teacher 'S  Day.May 1987 Estahban .Iran.
4. Food And Its  Significance. The Opening Lecture, The Seminar On Iran's Conserve Industry. Tehran. March 1986, Iran Cooperative Syndicate Publishing, Company For Conserve Industry,  Summer 1990  (Pages 10-16).
5. The Systematic Observation In Management. The  Seminar On The Role Of Management To Realize The First, Second & Third Development  Program. March 1990' Public  Relations  Press, Ministry Of  PTT & Telecommunications (Pages 70-80).
6.Participalion In Public  Affairs . A Plan  For 20000 Private  And  Non-For-Profit  Schools: Giving A  Lecture In  The  Seminar On "The Necessity Of The Public Participation In Executive Affairs (Delegation Authority To Non-Governmental Sector).May 1991.The State Organization For Administration & Employment Affairs. Tehran .
7. How To Systematically Treat  The  Management  Issues.

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