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Dr. Hadi Sahebi

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" Dr. Hadi Sahebi "

Associate Professor

Ph.D.,Supply Chain Management

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

 Nov 2013

Department: Socio - Economic System Engineering,
 School of Industrial Engineering

Email :hadi_sahebi AT

Tel: +98-21-73225047

Education and qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy with major in Supply Chain Management, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Nov 2013

Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel ,  Thesis subject: Strategic and Tactical Crude Oil Supply Chain:  Mathematical Programming Models (KIT)
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Nov 2007
 - Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology(Polytechnic), Sep 2005


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Since 2014  

Research Interests

 Supply Chain Management
• Revenue Management, Demand management, Logistics Management.
• Energy SCM, Crude Oil SCM.
• Reverse Logistics, Green SC, Sustainable SC.
Mathematical Programming Model and Optimization Techniques
• Large Scale Math Models (e.g. Reduction Techniques)
• Stochastic Programming

Research Publications in Fully Referred Journals (ISI, ISC)

- Sahebi H., Nickel S., Ashayeri J. Strategic and tactical mathematical programming models within the crude oil supply chain context - A review. Comput Chem Eng (ISI), 2014, 68: 56–77.
- Sahebi H, Nickel S. Offshore oil field development with transportationalternatives. Eur J Ind Eng (ISI), 2013,, [forthcoming].
- Sahebi H., Nickel S., Ashayeri J. Environmentally conscious design of upstream crude oil supply chain. Ind Eng Chem Res (ISI), Under Revision.
- Sahebi H., Nickel S., Ashayeri J. Joint venture formation and partner selection: up-stream crude oil section. Int J Prod Res (ISI), Under Revision.
- Aryanezhad M.B., Sahebi H., Kariminasab M. A discount inventory model for multi stage supply chain. Kuw J Sci Eng (ISI), 2009.
- Yousefzade A.R., Sahebi H. Benchmarking EFQM and MBQA frameworks for the public sector, Pazhoheshghar J, 2009 (in Persian).

- Aryanezhad M.B., Sahebi H. An Inventory discount model under JIT, W Appl Sci J, 2008, 4 (4): 506-518,
- Aryanezhad M.B., Sahebi H. A discount model within supply chain management, International Conference of IIE, 2008, (in Persian).

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Awards And Scholarships

1. Gained the "Stay Abroad Scholarship" of the Karlsruhe House of Young Science, 2012.
2. Won the scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran to purus the PhD program in Germany, 2010.
3. Recieved the membership of Iran's National Elites Foundation, 2008.
4. Achieved the Elite Student award in the BS, 2003.

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