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" Dr Mohammad Ali Shafia"

Associate Professor

Ph.D. ,  manufacturing Management - Brunel- UK. 1980

Department: Industrial Engineering

Email : omidshafia AT

omidshafia AT

Tel: +98-21-22-858-625

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• PhD & MS in Tribology’s Technology of Industrial Engineering from Brunel University of London in UK awarded at late 1980& at early 1978 respectively.

• Advanced Studies of Manufacturing Management from Brunel University of London in UK awarded at early 1977.

• BS in Production Engineering from Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) of Tehran in Iran awarded at mid 1974.


•  Lecturer, Researcher, Head & Professor of Iranian Universities since 1974 up to now continuously delivering programs as Management of Technology & Innovation, Entrepreneurship planning, General Management Skills & Automation in Machine tool Industries.

•   Member & Head of the I.E. Planning Committee for the Ministry of Higher Education since 1983 up to 2002.

•    Active Academic Member & Founder of National Iranian Productivity Organization during 1992-5 period.

•    Member & Deputy Manager of Policy Making Commission of Industry for Government of Iran during1988-1993 period.

•     Head of Industrial Engineering Dept of IUST during1982-1984 period.

•    Head of Executive Management & Industrial Technology Group of IE in IUST, from 2002 up to now.

•     Member of Founding Committee for the following NGOs during the 1995 up to now period:

  1.  IE
  2.  Management of Technology
  3.  Quality Management
  4.  General Management &
  5.   Ergonomics Association.

•     Technical Consultant to the Ministries of Culture, Defense, Heavy Industry, Industry & transportation of Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as Tehran Municipality in:

  1.   Establishing Science & Technology Museums,
  2.   Raising Human Performance Productivity and Efficiency Levels
  3.   Technology Transfer affairs,
  4.   HRD/HRM, &
  5.   Waste Management since 1989 up to now.

•     Technical Advisor for Technology Transfer affairs to & from Iran since 1985 up to now in 17 Projects from 26 countries.

•     Founder of TUV Company in Iran for ISO Certifications & Accreditation affairs, particularly in CE markings during 1994-7.

•     Member of technology committee of Iranian 1404 vision since 2008.

•     Member of educational planning of Iranian media's managers since 2009.

AWT IMAGEAdditional Activities AWT IMAGE

   Giving Training & Technical Consultancy Services, to the Government of Iran, as well as to the Public Sector inside & out of the country, in the following areas:

  •   Technology Transfer,
  •   HRD/HRM affairs,
  •   Technology & relevant Managerial Issues,
  •   Entrepreneurship
  •   Productivity Plans for systematic Improvements,
  •   Human Factor aspects in Engineering & Design,
  •   Quality Assurance Systems & the required procedures for CE Markings of the Iranian Goods for Exportation.

    Delivering Technology Transfer services to Iranian & Foreign institutions, in the field of Automotives, Science Museum, & Metrology.

      Developing curriculums for several Educational establishments particularly in higher education mainly in planning department of Iranian Ministry of Higher Education.

      Conducting Commissioning Procedures for establishing several Metrology Laboratories around the country.

      Publishing several papers & books & delivering seminars as well as organizing national & International gatherings in the relevant topics of the expertise.

      Researching in the fields of:

  •   Training Effectiveness Measurements,
  •   Higher Education Establishments.
  •   Export promotion Affairs
  •   Entrepreneurship
  •   Waste Management,
  •   Quality Audits.
  •   Establishing Quality measures for measuring quality 

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