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Doctorate Defense

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  "Modeling Evaluation and Selection of types of Communities of Practice using Innovation Approach: A study on Technology based Organizations"

  Student: Morteza piri

  Advisor : Dr. Abdollah Jassbi, Dr. Javad Jassbi

  Co-Advisors : Dr. Mostafa jafari, Dr. Peyman Akhavan

  Internal Committee Members: Dr.Mohammad mahdavi mazdeh, Dr.Farnaz barzinpour

  External Committee Members: Dr.Reza hosnavi, Dr.Bahman Naderi

  Defense session for PhD in 9 April 2016 , 10 AM



  Communities of Practice (CoP) are one of the main building blocks of a Knowledge Management system, and many organizations will seek to create, launch and sustain a number of networks, as a pilot within Knowledge Management Implementation. Choosing the correct networks allows a test of the efficiency of this component in delivering knowledge sharing. Objectives of this Thesis is twofold: first we design a conceptual model to outline the structure of CoP corresponding to organizational context and then we develop a selecting model to indicate the structure type of the CoP according to the conceptual model. For the conceptual model we used the Grounded Theory and fuzzy Delphi Panel. The results of conceptual model identify the influential components of CoP and organizational variables which impact on CoPs. Also a relational model was established between organizational variables and Cops’ components. Furthermore, the selecting model was developed by using fuzzy inference system. In this study CoPs have been formed and analyzed during the time but in the studies before that, CoP type is determined after lunching. Also an applicable and user friendly software is developed in order to select the CoP. Up to now in descriptive aspect, studies in terms of typology have been performed but in prescriptive aspect there has been no model and in this study we develop a prescriptive model for aerospace industries. Finally results of a case study illustrates the model efficiency.

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