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·  Multimedia Equipped Classrooms


The instruction classrooms in the school of industrial engineering are equipped with computers with internet connection and video projectors that help with a better presentation of lectures for teachers and a more efficient learning for students. At present there are 10 multimedia classrooms in the school





·  Computer Site No.1


This site is equipped with 15 PCS with internet access, intelligent bound and video projectors. It is usually used for I and II lectures instruction of the courses drawing.  Considering recent software developments and the necessity of familiarizing the students with the modern sciences, this class provides essential facilities for learning principles of through utilization of the course drawing by the existing software.




·  Computer Site No.2


This site encompasses 17 PCS computer systems with internet connection, and a video projector. It is used for courses that require the access of  students to the internet, and also courses including software training.





·  Conference Hall


The conference hall, located in the fifth floor of the School, with a capacity for 30 persons, encompasses equipments such as a PC, a video projector, and an intelligent board, that provide an appropriate environment facilities for holding meetings, post graduate vivas, and internal conferences.




·  Postgraduate Viva Room 


The recently established viva room of the School, with a the capacity of 30 persons, is equipped with appropriate tools for a wide range of presentations, including the student vivas and seminars. The room has advanced computer systems, a video projector, an LCD color TV with connection to the computer.


·  Meeting hall


This hall is a suitable place for holding conferences, student sessions, lectures and vivas. It has the capacity of 120 persons and is equipped with a multimedia system.


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