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·   Welding Workshop and Advanced Welding Laboratory:


 The workshop aims at training gas and electricity welding approaches for the students of the School of Industrial Engineering,  and other schools and the university. In addition the advanced welding lab is capable of providing services for applicants inside and outside the university.

The instruments existing in the workshop are electricity, gas, CO2, argon and plasma welding systems. The eddy current system and the ultrasonic system are considered among unique systems of the laboratory. At present the process of repairing, rebuilding and changing of the scrapped and out- of- dated gas welding systems has been completed and the physical development of the workshop, that increases the workshop space by 4000 squared meters, is in progress.

A central gas piping is also in progress for the safe- keeping of Acetylene and CO2 capsules.  

Through a grant from the Islamic Development Bank, the modern and advanced equipment of non destructive testing will be installed in the newly constructed area of the lab and utilized in near future.

With the activities already done and the future plans of the laboratory, it is hoped that the center promote to one of the main professional centers in advanced welding technologies in the country.
















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