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The Industrial Engineering Laboratories


·  Precision Measurement Laboratory:


This lab focuses mainly on research and training activities pertaining measurement systems and physical quality control of parts and elements.

The main practices in the laboratory are quality control of mechanical parts for their dimensions, the surface leveling of angles to lay within necessary tolerance in 3 phases namely the produced parts,  in the production line; and the scrapped and out of dated or imperfect pieces of a more efficient  learning, the empirical practices are, conducted along with the theoretical training.

Some of the unique instruments of the laboratory include a range of mechanical measurement tools, electronic control tools, and a light measurement with tool 100 folds aggrandizement capability.

One of the modern and recently installed tools in the laboratory is the CMM system that is used both for measurement of parts with 1/1000 mm of accuracy and a map designing of parts.

The map is sent to the CNC system by professional software, and then the part is cut and prepared by CNN according to the information provided by CMM.











·   Industrial safety laboratory:


The industrial workers are usually subject to many unsafe conditions and factors in the work place. This will not only cause  work accidents and the subsequent diseases, but also affect the work efficiency and production.

Safety engineers play an important role in establishing a safe working environment. They must recognize the unsafe factors in the work place and  measure, evaluate,  and compare such factor with the standard limits in order to adjust the safety regulations if necessary.

For this purpose, the safety engineers should be familiar with the laboratory measurement tools for industrial safety and should be able to apply the tools for safeguarding the industrial environments.

When a safety director of an industrial firm succeeds to recognize, eliminate or control the unsafe factors, he not only reduces the heavy medical and insurance costs due to accidents, prevents frame over payments but also increases the efficiency of the workers and the  production level of the firm. For this purpose, the industrial safety laboratory was established in 1996 and a number of  tools for measurement of physical as well as chemical risk factors have been installed or are being ordered.

Some of the measurement tools in the lab are :

  1- Meter sound level( without analyzer )

  2- Luxmeter

  3- Air sampling ( sassdust …)

  4- Gas eletector

  5- Stress wet bulb glob temperate (heat)

  6- Wet bulb glob (with analyzer)

  7- Noise dosimeter

The laboratory is hoped to develop to a research laboratory for industrial safety, aimed at removing the safety difficulties in industrial processes.

At present the laboratory is working as the center for quality research.









·   Time and Work Measurement Laboratory:


 The ever growing development of the technology and its complications call for application of economic skills and effective use of human resources, time, machineries, equipment, and materials at an optimum level.

Since the "time and work measurement" module has many practical dimensions, this lab aims to provide an environment for the students to feel themselves in the work space and apply the scientific findings in practices.


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